Career planet

Career Planet for Schools

Career Planet offers great support to both the Career Advisor and the students. Career Planet engages students by not overexposing them to too much information. The ability of the user to simply scroll down a list of careers or categories on their smart phone is a game changer for todays student when it comes to motivating them to not just think about careers but to have a brief and easy look at some of them. By using technology they are comfortable with, it presents the many careers in a manner that is not confronting – links provide more detailed info on the careers that interest them, from the resources they have been avoiding – Career websites, Jobs Guides, Universities and TAFEs. Career Planet is offering a discounted price so that it is easily affordable for students. Students can only access this reduced price via their school. $3.75 plus GST, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you with purchasing Career Planet for your students future.

Career planet

Career Planet for Students

Finally an app that makes looking for a career EASY!! It’s hard enough to think about what you want to do – we’ve turned hard into easy & fun! Aside from 4 different ways to look up a career, Career Planet gives you only a brief description which makes scrolling through careers super quick and easy. Career Planet has links to Schoolies, Gap Years, Exchange program providers, ATARS, Universities and TAFEs and a whole lot more. It’s so easy – save something you like, and check it out a few days or weeks later – if you still like the sound of it use the links to find out more about it. Ask your Careers Advisor or parents to get Career Planet for you or your school. Tell your school Careers Advisor about Career Planet, so your school Career Advisor can ask us how they can get Career Planet for you and your school at a discounted price.

Career planet

Career Planet for Non Students

So you have left school or you’re at Uni and not sure which way to go – career wise, or you’re in the workforce but ready for a change, or you’ve been out of the workforce and you want to see what’s out there ……… then Career Planet is for YOU!! With over 650 careers and more being added everyday, Career Planet offers you a huge range and variety of career categories and careers to think about and how they could work in with your future. We provide you some great links to find more detailed information about the careers that interest you. It’s a world of possibilities because with Career Planet everything is possible!

Career planet

Career Planet for Advertising

Imagine being able to get your message to hundreds of thousands of school students their parents and non students. Because Career Planet is an app & a website, this provides two great advertising platforms. Together or separately these platforms (app or website) provide extensive marketing/advertising exposure & opportunity. Our users are a fantastic social demographic and therefore are the perfect audience for growing your business. Contact us and we can provide more details on how Career Planet can assist you.

Career planet



Careers A-Z

Over 650 careers and more added daily - search for careers alphabetically & use the favourites button for careers that you would like to take a second look - easy.


Job Support

Here we give helpful tips and information that will help you along your career journey, covering areas like job applications, interviews and resumes.


Tertiary Education

Links to all of the universities and TAFE Colleges Australia wide, so no matter where in Australia you are these links will find tertiary education near you.


Schoolies/Gap Years

We have sourced a great provider for schoolies and added some links to some exchange student programs and we give the pros and cons of Gap years.


Yes I Can

Is our motivational area of the app, with quotes, fitness tips/videos, charity programs, links to support groups and other apps that we think are cool.


Who Am I

See if your personality type matches our career personality type – you might get surprised – Great Fun and always interesting!

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Download Your Future Today

Download the app so you can put Career Planet in the palm of your hands today, it’s a world of possibilities.

"The education industry needs this"

Having everything all in the one place is excellent for students both at school & home.

Julie (teacher)

"It's just too easy"

The app makes looking for a career fun & easy. It's something new & exciting!

Nick (student)

"Every career at the palm of my hand"

Career Planet is definitely not just for students. The app is packed with post school resources.

Lockie (non-student)

"One stop career shop"

The Career Planet app has given our us a new platform to market our brand to an ideal target audience.

Anna (company manager)