Welcome to Career Planet

Career Planet was designed in 2018. The creators of Career Planet appreciated how tough it is for many High School Students to try and work out what career to pursue after school. They also realised that many people change direction with their career choice whether at University or if they are in the work force, so Career Planet was created so that anyone interested in considering the many career possibilities available could easily utilise it to make the process easier. Looking for a career can be compared to an African safari – it’s sometimes not easy to find a specific animal. Finding a career can be equally difficult, if not harder, and where does one start at age 13 or 14 when thinking about a career that will begin in ten years’ time? It can be very daunting. Or if someone is changing careers or rethinking their career choice at Uni that too can be daunting.

Our answer was simple. Make an app that will help and assist students and non students alike, with their search for a career. It was important to make the app interesting, easy, user friendly and really importantly – great value! Career Planet has five different ways of looking at careers – Alphabetically, by Category, Fun & Unusual, by Personality Type and Monetarily. Career Planet is a smart phone app and it is also a website so can be used with a desktop or laptop computer. Career Planet also has assisted technology, so it can assist and support those with a disability.

Career Planet takes great pride in inviting you to join us in exploring the many career possibilities that are out there waiting for you!

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