Careers A-Z

Careers A- Z lists all the careers in alphabetical order. The information is concise & user friendly, simply scroll through the list until u find a career that’s of interest then explore, we have a favourites button if you want to take a second look – easy.


Job Support

Here we give helpful tips and info that will help you along your career journey. We cover areas like job applications and interviews and resumes. It might just be one of these insightful tips that helps you bag the job!


Tertiary Education

We give you links to all of the universities and TAFE Colleges Australia wide, so no matter where in Australia you are these links will hopefully find a tertiary education facility near you.


Schoolies/Gap Year

We have sourced some useful links to providers of Schoolies based end of year fun and also some Gap year providers - we also give you some helpful info regarding the pros and cons of Gap years. Please see our Ts and Cs and disclaimer.


Yes I Can

Is our motivational area of the app, with motivational quotes, fitness tips/videos, charity programs and other apps that we think are cool. It also has a link to some support groups that provide assistance and support.


Career Advisor

This feature only works for students. This function provides a direct link from the students career planet app to their career advisor. This feature gives the student & the careers advisor real time communications to each other via push notifications and email/Moodle.


Push Notifications & Lesson Plans

Teachers can see the video on push notifications above & download the lesson plans below.

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