See the World! 5 Interesting Jobs That Require Travel

See the World! 5 Interesting Jobs That Require Travel

Tired working the regular 9-5 jobs?

Do you feel like there’s more out there?

Do you yearn to travel to the world while still making some cash out of it?

The good news is that you can!

Gone are the days when working required sitting in an office from Monday through to Friday from 9-5. Today, you can find a range of job types that not only pay well but also satisfy your wanderlust.

Here are some exciting jobs that require travel.

1. Traveling Nurse

Do you have a nursing degree and love helping people? Then this is the job for you.

In fact, the demand for nurses in Australia is high and it’s projected to rise in the coming years.

The pay is also good – registered nurses earn an annual average of $65,000 and there’s always room for growth. Combine that with the fact that you get to explore the world, makes travel nursing a lucrative career.

Another advantage of this job is that contracts can go as long as 13 weeks. Often, once the contract is over, you have the option of signing a new one or taking a break.

2. Professional Travel Nanny

Many people assume being a nanny doesn’t require a lot of training and paperwork. That’s far from the truth. You actually have to get certified to become a professional nanny.

It’s both a demanding as well as a rewarding job. Travel nannies in Australia get paid roughly $35 per hour. In order to become a professional nanny, you must be first aid certified and hold a degree related to childcare.

3. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants don’t just serve drinks and meals on flights. They’re professionals who are trained in evacuation procedures, emergency medical procedures, airport codes, geography, and more.

Most airlines offer a flexible schedule to their flight attendants which can go up to four off-days a week. This gives you ample time to explore the new cities you visit. On top of that, you may receive other benefits including health and life insurance, discount on hospitality services, as well as additional training to advance your career.

4. Travel Writer

Are you adventurous and have a passion for writing? Then, being a travel writer may be a good fit for you.

As a travel writer, you’re hired by reputable travel magazines and websites to create high-quality travel content for them. They pay to travel and share stories about your experiences in the different places you visit. You get to write about anything – from culture and food to fashion and religion.

5. Cruise Ship Worker

If you’re in the service industry and love with the oceans, then you should consider working on a cruise ship. Apart from traveling to many island nations, you receive free accommodation and food.

Even better, there are lots of job opportunities here, including bartending, retail clerk, chef, casino dealer, host, and even clergy.

Explore the World With Jobs That Require Travel

These jobs that require travel are certainly not monotonous like the regular 9-5’s. You’ll be able to fulfil your desire to explore different places, while still making some cash.

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